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Our Mission is to Make Technology Access Universal 

Our Goal is to Eliminate Barriers to Technology Access for as Many Young People as Possible as Soon as Possible

Information and communications technology access is limited in low-income countries, We Want To Change That

Access to information and communications technology (ICT) means access to information and opportunities. It means increased employment potential, earning potential, political participation, and social and educational opportunities.

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Thinking Outside the Box


With our access initiative, our plan is to make ICT access universal within a few years. Not through charity, which is difficult to scale and guarantee indefinitely, but by increasing the purchasing power of people living in low-income countries.

Our aim is to remove socioeconomic barriers to access and grant millions of people the capacity to opt for first-rate technology. 

Bringing ICT access to low-income countries around the world

Computer Love has the potential to make ICT access universal in much less time than existing solutions.

Our goal is to bring computer access to as many young people as possible as soon as possible.

The Team

The Hagush and Computer Love team is made up of innovators, creators, and doers who believe that scientific and technological advances should be available to all of humanity. We are working to improve access to information and communication technology for millions of people around the world.

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