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Citizen Fund

Anyone can make a loan to Hagush via Citizens Fund. 


Why lend? Money is a finite resource, but the way we use it can allow us to have infinite impact. You can lend as little as $20, and you can opt to re-lend those same dollars again and again, extending your social impact each time your loan is repaid. 

loans Are Recoverable

You can withdraw your funds in 18 months.

Why 18 months? It takes us about that long to complete a development project. At present, we are investing loans in Pay Later, a program that is helping build the digital infrastructure of low income countries. 

What we do with your loans  

We invest in development projects.

Currently we're investing in Pay Later, a program where we use loan funds to provide zero-interest Buy Now, Pay Later financing for young people in the Global South who want to purchase personal computing devices. Beneficiaries typically agree to repay the cost of technology over 12 months. Spreading the cost of technology into monthly installments gives them the ability to afford what they otherwise would not be able to afford upfront.


With your loans, university students in places like Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia can access zero-interest credit to purchase personal computing devices.

Anyone can apply to participate in our Buy Now, Pay Later financing, but we enroll people who are likely to repay their loans. For applicants who may not be able to repay their loans but still want to participate in the  program, we find alternative solutions, such as connecting them to potential employment opportunities.

How You get Repaid 

When you lend, you create an account with Hagush, and we will notify you once we disburse your funds to borrowers.

Beneficiaries typically make monthly repaymentsand you'll be able to track the progress in your account. 


Are you a global citizen interested in creating a world that works for all? Or you're part of the  Global South diaspora keen contribute to international development?

Hagush is a  platform enabling you to join a global community of changemakers whose crowdfunded loans — yours

along with those of others —are collectively creating a better future for all.

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1. Lend

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2. Get Repaid

3. Re-lend

The Why

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