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Pay Later

Pay Later is our zero-interest digital technology financing program.  


We use crowdfunded loans to provide zero-interest financing for digital technology purchases such as laptops and smartphones. 

Think Different 

​Increasing purchasing power in low-income countries is key to making technology access universal. 


Current solutions to the issue of access rely on subsidizing costs through charity, which cannot support the global scale of needs, making universal access unthinkable. The result is that vast numbers of people still need access to digital technologies, and there is no clear path forward. ​

At Hagush, with Pay Later zero-interest financing for technology, we strive to solve this problem. Our goal is to make access to digital technology universal within a few years. 

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A Digital World for ALL

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How it works

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Our goal is to democratize access to digital technology. With financing, people can spread the cost of technology over time and get access to devices that they would not be able to afford upfront.


For learners who require a source of income to participate in the financing program, we connect them to global opportunities that pay. 

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University students and professionals can apply for personal computing devices below. 

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