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Your loan reaches populations that have limited access to finances. There are, thus, some inherent risks associated with that: you may lose some or all of your principal. Hagush takes utmost care to minimize this risk and ensure that loan defaults remain low by vetting borrowers and working with partner organizations in the communities we serve. With the measures we are taking, we expect Hagush’s loan repayment rate to be greater than 96%, on par to the repayment success rate of micro-lending. To ensure the integrity and success of our mission, we assume a 4% default risk and take it into consideration in our business model.


We encourage our stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the potential risks and rewards associated with our zero-interest financing model for digital technology.



We have startred reporting on our repayment rate, currently at 100%. Since we are just beginning our operations, we prefer to use the micro-lending repayment rate in our modeling and communications, which sits at 96%. With time, as the number of our borrowers grows, our own data will be more robust and predictive. 



Hagush is committed to transparency and accountability. We continually evaluate the impact of our financing programs, seeking ways to enhance our approach and maximize benefits to all our stakeholders.


Are you a global citizen interested in creating a world that works for all? Or a  Global South diaspora keen contribute to international development?

Hagush is a  platform for you to join a global community of changemakers, where crowdfunded loans, yours along with those of others, can collectively create a better future for all.

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1. Lend

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2. Get Repaid

3. Re-lend

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